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Bikezone Road Safety

Road accidents are the leading killer of young people globally. Young adults die and thousands get injured in the UK everyday.

It has been extensively proven throughout Europe that the earlier youngsters are properly taught to drive safely, the safer drivers they will become.



Bikezone Road Safety Scheme aims to educate young people to drive safely at ages before contemporary influences and bravado can lead them into danger.

Bikezone is a training school which can now offer a training package that educates ALL road users, whether on a bicycle, motorcycle or a car, to use the road responsibly and safely.


Our aim is not only to educate new road users in road sense but also how to ride in a responsible manner that will keep them safe and give them the skills and understanding required by the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)

Bikezone are presently running courses in Schools and Colleges from 1 hour sessions to half day sessions.


If you would like us to visit a School or College or even a place of work then please contact Bikezone for details and prices.



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